Showcase your ideas better.

[Jordin] blew it out of the park. … She was able to add, take away, and make right in a manner that kept my line of thought and voice STRONG! As an entrepreneur, … I desire that heart to be the voice of my branding. I am thankful to have found someone who can help me do just that! I will definitely be hiring Jordin on the regular as this business grows!

Madison Tate, Twin pines hemp co.

You need website copy.

You need emails.

You need blog or social media posts.

You’ve got business to do!

How are you going to get those beautiful things in your brain on to the blank pages staring back at you?

Editing, Writing, or Proofreading. What do you need?

You understand your business best.

Your voice needs to come through your web/email/sales copy.

I’m not making this up. Even famous copywriter Neil Patel agrees: The best writer for your business is you!

I believe most entrepreneurs know how to write decently.

How do I know this?

I see their posts daily on social media.

Except for the case of ghostwriting, I have reason to believe that most entrepreneurs write their own content. Why?

Because I see mistakes.

ALL. THE. TIME. WAAAAY too often!

And I don’t know about you, but the first, knee-jerk reaction I have to this is, “well, that looks unprofessional.”

Don’t let that be your brand!

Have a second set of (eagle) eyes look at your copy too!